Sufficient Skills & Career Consult Limited has for many years been at the forefront of Training and Career Development in the Education Management Industry in Nigeria. We identify, organize and facilitate world-class training for Educators.

Since our humble beginning in 2012, we have worked relentlessly with many Schools in different parts of Nigeria.

Our philosophy is to make available high quality, yet affordable workshops and training for Educators, which will positively impact on the performance of both the Educators and their students.

We listen to School leaders and we understand the challenges peculiar to the industry. We therefore endeavor to alleviate these challenges by providing customized and general trainings that will give Educators the set of skills required.

We are very passionate about achieving significant growth in all of our clients’ institutions, and so we make sure we take our clients to the best institutions around the world.

We are also deploying second to none and a world-class Learning Management System (LMS) to meet Schools’ e-Learning needs. Our LMS solution is unrivalled in the country presently, because it is the best tool that the school management can put in the hands of teachers and the students.

We are an African firm with a global perspective.



Objectively provide quality services to our clients.

It is with great delight that we introduce to you our bouquet of workshops and training programmes which we have carefully and strategically put together for School Leaders, Educators and Students.

In April, we will be taking school owners and other school leaders to the University of Stellenbosch (USB, Cape-Town South Africa); ranked as one of the top 2 Business Schools in Africa; for strategic leadership training and number 1 in South Africa for Executive Education Training according to PMR 2015 ranking. The USB training will focus on Financial Management, Leadership in the Education Environment, Marketing, Alternative Income Creation and Stakeholder Management amongst other interesting subject matters.

Summer is taking us back to the Prestigious Oxford International Study Centre, Oxford, United Kingdom for a workshop for Classroom Educators and all School leaders. This programme will add value to the leadership of the school and equip the teachers to join hands with the leadership in positioning the school for greater accomplishment.


I am very much delighted to announce that we will be visiting the prestigious University of Pretoria for a workshop on “Classroom Leadership and Education Management” targeting Classroom and Subject Teachers, School Leaders/ Principals/ School Management & Board Executives.


We are currently deploying our e-learning solution, Marshall Cavendish e-learning, with a global “Best in Class” rating for schools in Nigeria. The solution has consistently maintained strong ratings relative to other solutions from leading educators around the world, and it is now being used in over 70 countries around the world, including South Africa and the UK and it is gaining momentum in Nigeria.


We are ready to work with schools across Nigeria for international excursions and tours to various international destinations for students. Our students’ tour destinations include London, Oxford, Sheffield, Washington D.C, New York, Cape Town, Johannesburg,Pretoria, Dubai, Singapore etc.


We also help schools to recruit teachers, head of schools, principals, management staff and other staff. We have a very robust database of competent teachers, and even at short notice, we can help you identify and attract the best hands in the industry. We are more than happy to take the stress of recruitment off your shoulders.


We also organize both local and international customized in house training for schools to suit your specific and general training needs.


On behalf of the whole team here at Sufficient Skills & Career Consult Limited, we invite you all to our value packed workshops and trainings this year and beyond and look forward to an opportunity to meet with you and your team at your earliest convenience, to key into and facilitate your vision for your institution in the coming years.



Our Values, Our Promise

EXCELLENCE: We will offer excellent service to our clients and all stakeholders

INTEGRITY: We promise to serve you with integrity and the fear of God

INNOVATION: If an innovation is out there, that will help you grow we will get it to you in record time and see it through.